Park City, UT

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We went to Salt Lake City to check out one of the most popular locations in our growing DRAFT meetup series. DRAFT is a nationwide program that taps into people who love bikes, biz and beer. Our events bring communities together to celebrate the latest bike industry innovations. Speeches, announcements and conversations help business leaders, product developers, tech innovators, advocates, artists and more to share big ideas—all while enjoying delicious craft beer. In 2017, we hosted 30 meetups in 18 cities, including Boulder, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Denver, Detroit, Duluth, Frisco (CO), Indianapolis, Iowa City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Park City, Salt Lake, San Francisco, Raleigh, the Twin Cities and Washington, D.C. In 2018 at least 10 more cities will join the DRAFT family including Austin, Bentonville, Chicago, Kent (WA), Madison, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, St. Augustine and Vail.

DRAFT meetup in Park City, UT